To Sing we must Act
To Dance we must Act

But to Act, we need neither Sing nor Dance

Technique plays a hugely important part in my work but it is always there to facilitate the freedom of exploring and revealing the characters dilemma, then sharing it with the audience. Truthful storytelling rooted in solid and healthy technique.

 I am very lucky to have a truly varied client list which I love am I very happy to expand my teaching to anyone who wants to learn. I teach from studios very close to Edgware Road tube and Online using the Zoom platform. For more information about times, prices do availability please send an email on info@david-ashley.com

International Teaching

In 2017 I was asked if I would like to give a Masterclass in Turin, Italy, at the  Accademia Dello Specattacalo. I am very happy to say this relationship is not only ongoing but I am now a member of the staff and regularly visit my Italian family.

The ethos of the training is one I am very passionate about summed up beautifully in this quote by Kelly Pollock - The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more dancers or artists. Its to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can lead productive lives’

The director of the college, Mario Restagno and his wife Sara are passionate about young people and I am very proud to be a part of their faculty.

Mario is also an accomplished composer and during my time at the college alongside the teaching, I coached on the the preproduction for a production of ‘The Selfish Giant,’ a Concert at La Teatro Murialdo, showcasing the inspirational students of the college and last year I spent time working on preproduction for a new musical, ‘Musicanti di Brema’, which had a higher successful tour of the country.

Through my association with the Accademia in Turin, I happily work on their Casa Alpina Summer Musical Camps in the beautiful Alpine village of Usseglio – such a lucky man! A fantastic opportunity for students to learn in this extraordinary environment with some exciting developments and new projects for the coming years.

As a young man I had the chance to live and work in Paris. I was lucky enough to make some life long friendships and collaborations which continue to inspire me as an artist. One of which, Caroline Roëlands and her company ‘La Compagnie Newak’ produces some extraordinary work which I am very proud to be a part of.

 Patricia Setbon and the swing band, Panama Swing, which she is the lead singer for. We are currently collaborating on their new show.

In 2020 I am expanding my private teaching practice into Paris - surveille cet espace! – and am excited to be building up my client list francais.

Workshops & Easter/Summer Schools

I love working with students of every age and ability on holiday courses. I continue to work for the ArtsEd Easter and Summer Schools and last year was asked to work for Spotlight On in Oxford - courses run by Daryl Back which take place in Oxford.

I regularly give masterclasses for Robbie O’Reillys Jazz Company at the London Studio Centre, Audition Workshops for Mark Puddle at Glass House Studios and have delivered masterclasses for The Jill Stew School of Dance, Witney, The Berkshire Theatre School, MT4UTH, The Brit School, Tring Park, ‘Music and Motion’ at The Royal Academy, Pendleton College, Northern Kids, Roland Music School, Mice Productions - Genova, Tanwood Theatre School, Bath Academy, Margaret Howard Theatre School, Stage Coach Oxford, La Cigale,  Paris Centre – Paris and at Royal Holloway.